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Company Profile

Palm Construction Co., Ltd. part of Palm Group Asia, is a professional construction company with industry experience spanning three generations of family expertise. This means we can guarantee total quality and offer an honest, practical approach for investors/clients seeking to build properties in Thailand.

Palm Construction is involved in the construction and building industry in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Expanding into Thailand in 1995, the company's knowledge is second to none and the team brings this experience to all its projects, applying Western building standards to deliver durable, low maintenance properties with high-end European finishings.

Palm Construction's own developments are the result of a fresh new look into all aspects of the property market on Koh Samui and neighbouring islands. The company undertook extensive research to evaluate new owner’s requirements, with data collected in-house, as well as through independent surveys and with the help of reliable local advisors.

In western countries, regulations and guidelines provide buyers with certain quality and safety assurances but generally on Koh Samui that is not yet the case. Palm Construction therefore applies its own standards based on internationally recognized approaches and building materials. The company has earned a market-leading reputation in the region over the last few years, highlighted by fast growth and an impressive portfolio of properties.

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