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Finance & Warrantees

Through Global Financial Services Australasia (GFS), Palm Construction can offer wise and prudent investors/clients the chance to purchase or build a property in Asia with risk-free financing. Secured loans provide the freedom to make small, regular payments without the need for large amounts of cash up front.

The GFS financial assistance margin depends on the overall value of the development, the developer and the location. Palm Construction's developments must meet stringent international standards from the ground up, in order to qualify for international independent financing.

In addition, Palm Construction adds further peace of mind with a 10-Year Structural Guarantee, backed by a third party. We implement a 6-month and 1-year return-to-site policy for each property upon completion and do the same for the communal structures and amenities on all our developments.

With finance offered for up to 15 years on the majority of our developments, Palm Construction is bound not only by its clients but also its partner companies to build top quality, long lasting, trouble free properties.

Safeguards for Longevity

Site Identification & Analysis - we apply in-house, stringent building regulations to guarantee "build-ability" and ensure that your property is constructed to work with its surroundings

Design & Construction Evaluation
- including full risk and cost analysis, plus assessment of appropriate quality materials.

Structural Integrity
- to ensure that all foundations and support structures are solid and durable and are documented and logged through every stage of construction.

High Quality Building Materials
– a manufacturer's guarantee is always sought on all materials used as a secondary security for the buyer.

Technical Due Diligence
- based on international standards of safety and performance and implemented on a daily basis.

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