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Houses for Sale in Koh Samui

Koh Samui Houses for SaleThere are a number of reputable real-estate agencies brokering houses for sale around Koh Samui, and the market in both on and off-plan properties is picking up after the political uncertainty of previous years.

Issues surrounding ownership rights and finance are being slowly solved, and analysts expect some degree of clarification in the very near future with regard to foreigners' ownership rights.

Complete foreign ownership of land is currently prohibited under Thai law, except under limited circumstances, which typically do not apply to the acquisition of land for residential or vacation purposes. Because of this, foreign participation in the purchase of land is typically structured through the use of a majority Thai owned, private limited company or via a renewable long term lease agreement. The latter has become the more popular approach in the last year or so, but often includes a clause in the lease that allows the buyer to transfer to an outright purchase contract should the law change.

Both of the above procedures can be facilitated through a reputable local law-firm. However, due diligence and full confidence in partners must be established in advance.

Also, with guidelines and laws for foreigners wishing to invest fluctuating regularly, it is important to keep up-to date with the latest recommendations, and research the matter thoroughly. Especially as land titles to any prospective purchase must be cross-checked and leasehold/freehold options investigated. There are a number of reliable law firms and land agents operating on Koh Samui that can guide clients through these complex issues.

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