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Important considerations

Palm Construction bases all its construction work on the notion that buyers are becoming more discerning. They expect more for their money and realise that they have a choice. It is always wise to research the experience and integrity of your builder/developer and to thoroughly research the various elements involved in the construction process.

Looking into the construction firm's history and experience is a must. Newly built properties may look impressive, but it is also important to assess the durability of the construction work provided. Developers and construction companies are generally not the same in structure. Many developers work in partnership with a building firm and it is therefore useful to find out about the overall company structure and view any previous collaborative projects to get a full picture.

Talking to the owners of a company can tell you a lot about their approach and what kind of warrantees are provided on the building materials and equipment to be installed, especially in terms of the back-up provided by the manufacturers. In addition, knowing the people you will contact if problems occur either during or after the build adds peace of mind and quality assurance.

Taking an active interest in the construction process and comparing the various answers that you receive to your questions will help you make an informed and considered decision. One that guarantees you get the most out of your project or property purchase from inception to completion.

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