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Koh Samui Real Estate

As real estate markets all over Asia heat up, governments in Singapore, Hong Kong and China are introducing more and more measures to keep the lid on a booming market. In Thailand, however, the property market has remained remarkably stable, with prices increasing steadily and real estate in the country’s cities and resort areas looking more and more attractive to investors from a wide range of countries around the world.

The real estate market on Koh Samui in particular offers buyers a good variety of properties and the prospect of attractive returns o their investments, provided they select a property or development with a strong reputation and the backing of a proven developer.

Although in the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis prices on Koh Samui dipped slightly; in the years since prices have recovered and are once again showing annual growth in many areas of the island. Transaction volume is as high as it has been in years and the market continues to look more and more healthy for long-term buyers.

A positive rental market adds further to the opportunities on offer to investors as this adds an additional way for owners to help recoup some of their investment with premium properties demanding high prices during the busiest time of year. Although early 90s fantasies of properties on the island “paying for themselves” through rentals may have turned out to be excessively optimistic, a savvy owner can still make a sizeable return by renting their Samui property out as a holiday home.

Those looking to invest in real estate on Koh Samui will find a great many options available to them. One of the most popular common choices for foreigners is to buy a condominium, although private villas are also a favoured investment. Thai property ownership laws can be somewhat strict, but foreigners can own a condo fully and in their own name. Koh Samui has some impressive low-rise luxury condos in great locations with fabulous views and facilities.

With the advice of professional agencies and law firms, however, foreigners can also own houses and villas on Koh Samui, whether through a long-term lease or by forming a company which then owns the property. Although it may sound like a complex process, those who consult with a professional firm and make sure everything is properly and legally taken care of can own the property of their dreams with no doubts or worries.

The properties themselves vary greatly on the island but over the last decade or so the real estate on Koh Samui has definitely trended more and more towards the upscale end of the market. The island is home to world-class shopping and dining outlets and provides plenty of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Of course, the beaches are still stunningly beautiful and it's easy to spend days (even weeks, or months) just relaxing and enjoying the white sand and crystal blue waters.

In the current climate property on Koh Samui is an enticing investment as the island boasts some wonderful properties at great prices. With the help of professional companies lie Horizon Homes buyers can own exactly the type of property they want, safely and securely.

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