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Property in Koh Samui

The beautiful island of Koh Samui, ideally sitated in the Gulf of Thailand with its short monsoon and tropical island charm, offers all the convenience of an international destination.

The island is just one hour’s flight from the Thai capital and boasts great facilities such as supermarkets, hospitals and international schools.

Property in Koh SamuiBecause of these factors, property around Koh Samui is popular and many ex-patriates live and work on the island and have made it their home.

High-end luxury developments, plus townhouses and apartments at the lower-cost, lower maintainence end of the scale have seen steady increases in buyers over the past couple of years. Property prices may have risen over the past few years, but they still represent great value when compared to Europe, Australia or the USA.

The island was recently granted city status, meaning that more funds for infrastructure development and the improvement of facilities will be allocated by central government over the next few years. There are also various clubs, societies and industry associations aimed at both ex-pats and Thais, which foster a sense of community amongst immigrants on the island.

Whilst most ex-patriates are not granted permanent residency status, visa laws are relatively easy-going for professional tax payers by comparison with other nations.

On the whole, Samui has become an easier place to live work and bring up a family over the years, and the property market has seen a correspondent increase in value.

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